Saturday, July 11, 2015

Walker "crap budget" signing not set for waste treatment plant

Walker will sign his contentious budget - - the deficit-embracing document that politically-carved up the UW system, removed DNR science staff from environmental work and almost let the GOP create a secret government in the State Capitol - - Sunday at 4 p.m. at a Waukesha manufacturing business.

He ran his gubernatorial campaign the same way - - set-piece, tightly-controlled photo ops at prop-laden businesses - - but it's a disappointment that Sunday's signing ceremony is not at the Waukesha Water Utility's waste treatment facility, since one GOP legislator had correctly called it a "crap budget."

But Walker did get the county venue correct: Waukesha has been the county that supplies him with the most votes; he has repaid the favor by shoveling millions in state project work to benefit people there and is also scheduling his presidential announcement there also.

No word yet whether we'll see any official "Walkersha County" banners.

Anyway…all eyes Sunday will be on which special interests will win one last favor through line-item vetoes before Walker goes presidential.

Early betting is that financial and establishment business lobbyists win a Walker deletion to keep payday lenders from expanding onto traditional banking turf, and not because poor people getting ready for their mandated urine tests would be further exploited.

I'm also wondering if Walker can use clever deletions - - not drafting errors - - to make Iowa our sister state, or at least give Dubuque, Iowa formal Sister City status with Dubuque, WI, which his new constituents across the big river would enjoy.

Walker '16.

More ethanol.

Go, Hawkeyes.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he should sign the Wisconsin Budget in Cedar Rapids.