Sunday, July 12, 2015

Three big events in WI next 24 hours

Those would be Walker's signing of his 2015-'17 chaos and corporate capture budget, his preposterous presidential campaign announcement, and the official beginning of The Rebecca Kleefisch Watch.

The Kleefisch Watch will eventually create a countdown clock - - appropriately - - and includes with a bonus vision: Joel Kleefisch filming "Kill it, Clean it & Cook it" in the Governor's Mansion kitchen.

More context for Walker's announcement, here.


Anonymous said...

The Kleefisch's will bring their own version of Duck Dynasty and redneck haute couture to Maple Bluff. Squirrel huntin' and ATVin' on the grounds, duck blinds on the bluffs. Why heck, the empty beer cans just float away dontcha know, or else shootem' so they sink. No doubt the City of Madison PD will lend Maple Bluff PD the BearCat G3 with 50 cal. armor just in case they need to bust down the gate to rescue Mrs. Governor.

my5cents said...

I made the mistake of watching Kleefisch's video. I didn't expect anything in particular, but what shocked me was the utter joy in killing the animals. It is certainly not what I see in the reality shows where people live off the land and have to kill to put meat on their tables. The video didn't really show much for the clean it or cook it part either. It was simply basically killing animals and birds and in some cases highlighted the joy in killing. I also thought Canada geese were protected, so what exactly were the geese they were killing? To set things straight, part of my life was during the time when my parents lived off the land too, but they never took utter joy in killing to survive.