Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On WI secrecy, GOP leaders unapologetic, Walker 'mum'

[Updated]  Pretty much sums it up, though those unrepentant legislative leaders also remain 'mum'  on who dreamed up and sponsored this jackhammer to the Wisconsin Open Records law.

They get to play the heavy through their Coup Amendment, leaving Walker in the clear.

On the one hand, they use poet abusively. On the other, they use it ideologically, and punitively, all in the same 24-hour news cycle.

That's some Big Government embrace, friends.

They all figure that this will blow over, or that Chris Christie will yell at someone, or Rick Perry will forget where he is, or Donald Trump will out-stupid them all so Walker can step onto the national stage July 13th with this mess safely absorbed by his loyal lieutenants.

For Walker, it's nothing new. He's had a pattern of denial and evasion and penchant for secrecy for 27 years. Voters nationally can decide if this is what they think is presidential.

Updated: a friend just sent this on the same theme.

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Anonymous said...

Not this time................he tried to screw over the people of Wisconsin with a frontal attack on their rights with a plan to install a secret government that came directly out of his office! His finger prints are on everything in the Capitol and its up to us and the media to make sure this sticks to the sole of his shoes like the crap it is. He said he stood for open and accountable government.............he has chosen not to be open and accountable. So this ones on him!