Thursday, July 2, 2015

Obama/Walker disparities on livable, working wages

President Barack Obama is in La Crosse, WI today to tout his recent executive order making many US workers eligible for overtime pay not raised since 1975.

Obama will be greeted by WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker, a 2016 presidential hopeful, who has blocked any increase in the minimum wage of $7.25 mandated in Wisconsin and has taken the extreme position that the minimum wage serves "no purpose."

Walker also created Act 10, which has slashed the take home pay of Wisconsin public employees, has signed a blue-collar wage depressing so-called 'right-to-work' bill after saying he had no interest in it, and has said he will sign whatever version of a bill his GOP corporatist legislative allies send him to cut the s0-called prevailing pay rates of workers on road and building projects.

Need we say more about the state where there has been bottom-tier job growth during Walker's first term - -  WI is now 35th among the states - -  and the sharpest percentage decline among all 50 states in middle-class status for the residents?

These are among the many facts not known outside Wisconsin. Consult this list.

No wonder the Koch brothers have said Walker is their favorite for 2016, but what's in it for people who work in fast-food restaurants, drive road graders or put up dry wall or wire and plumb them?


my5cents said...

And I also read today where Wisconsin is the fourth worst for getting Federal dollars back to the state. That for every $1 Wisconsinites pay in we get $.90 back. That every time he turns down Federal dollars the state takes yet another economic hit.

That story also quoted what he said in his book: “‘free’ money from Washington wasn’t free.” He noted for instance, that “once the highways were built… the stimulus funds would disappear and Wisconsin taxpayers would be left… to maintain the new roads.” We are going to have to pay to maintain them either way. What a dolt. Deep thinking is definitely not Walker's forte.

MadCityVoter said...

Check pages 19-20 of the omnibus crap/special interest goodies motion that ended the disaster budget writing session of our committee of Joint Finance vandals: it looks like the very idea of a living wage is about to be written right our of Wisconsin statutes. So much for a livable wage, working class suckers! It's minimum or pee in a cup for you! And don't even think about going to Red Lobster!