Friday, July 3, 2015

My hero

Scott Walker will 'make changes' to public record restrictions before budget vote
And I'm sure his motives are pure, give his great history of transparency

Often tracked on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Alrighty then; folks, let's just trust him on this one.

nonheroicvet said...

Ol' Blood and Guts Walker will come riding into save the day as soon as he can find his white hat.

Anonymous said...

As planned. It's all been orchestrated, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Did he make a scouts promise, too?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Well, he's lying again.

my5cents said...

Don't believe him. This was his idea and he will not save it. He cannot be trusted, but let's hope he will listen to AG Schimel and level heads will prevail.

It could be that it has all been orchestrated to take your eyes off all of the other drastic policy changes they are slipping into the budget with some items in Motion 999 being aimed at specific counties. Or it could be a ploy to try to make Walker look good, but in either case, it is very disturbing that people have to go to these lengths to get attention when just doing the right things would be more than enough.

I have to agree with zombie... that he is lying again. Maybe he's just trying to look unintimidated since he has run from so many people and things over the past few months. Plus he might feel he needs to bolster his image with his announcement to run for President is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Or Walker is afraid Hillary put a bullseye on his back. If I were Hillary, that is exactly what I'd do. Walker is so deep in bad, even criminal behavior, that Hillary probably already has some of it and wants it all. Remember, she sued him over voter ID laws. Trust me, motion 999 was planned by Walker to protect him from Hillary, Bernie, Jeb & Trump.

Fitz,Vos, Darling and Nygren in addition to every other person who voted for this measure must be forced out of office.