Saturday, July 11, 2015

Key Walker quote keepers

As Walker gets ready to take himself national, some guiding quotes are offered below, beginning with these precious ironies wrapped up in the Walker/GOP effort to sneak a non-fiscal time bomb into the state budget to kill the state's Open Records law:
When he says he believes in government transparency, it's not just a campaign slogan, Walker said.
"I don't just say that, I've lived it"...and he says he also believes the Legislature itself needs to be more transparent...
What's more, he said, the budget should only entail budgetary items; there shouldn't be any nonfiscal items in it.
" And I would make it, by statute, that the Legislature can't vote on anything after 10 at night or before 9 in the morning," Walker said. 
Then there's the pesky matter of his pledging to serve out a second term that began in January, which brings up that whole darn transparency theme, again, since he's about to head out on the road for six straight days of presidential campaigning: 
“It was only about two months ago he was running for re-election and when people asked him if he was going to serve his term or run for president, his standard line was ‘I`m committed to being Governor,'” [UW-M Professor Mordecai] Lee said.
In fact, during the October 10th gubernatorial debate in Eau Claire, Walker was asked whether he’d serve a full term if re-elected.
“My plan if elected is to be here for four years,” Governor Walker said at the time.
And the kicker: 
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has admitted that he has strong reservations about running for the White House, saying, "You have to be crazy to want to be president." 
Walker, who was re-elected this month, also indicated to Fox6 Milwaukee’s correspondent Mike Lee that he plans to remain as Wisconsin’s governor for four years.
A fuller Walker record, here.


my5cents said...

The only people who bought into the "I will be here for four years" BS were the ones who blindly voted for him. No one else believe it from the get go. How many times has he said one thing and done the opposite or said he was against something and ended up signing a law for it? Where's the learning curve on Walker for all of those people who refuse to see what a weasel he is, to see all the lies he tells as a strategy to get what "HE" wants. I sure wish people would wake up. You cannot live in a dream world forever.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

He lies more than the extraction industry...

Betsey said...

"You have to be crazy to want to be president."

I thought it was God who told him to run for president. . . .