Thursday, July 2, 2015

Christie, Walker fraternal twins

[Updated from Wednesday, 1:32 p.m.] I know what the pundits will say: Chris Christie's in the GOP presidential race, and ooooh, what a contrast to, uh, Scott Walker.

Christie's the New Jersey street-fighting bully, you'll hear, while preacher son Walker is "midwestern nice."

Why, he even told us so.

But look at the similarities.

For one thing, both of these GOP governors are taking big hits in their home state polls.

Could it be that the folks back home think the Governors they elected to create jobs and fix the schools are just hucksters collecting state paychecks, and, lured by the road and the White House, have gotten too big for their britches?

Maybe familiarity does breed contempt.

Christie and Walker also have in common ex-deputy chiefs of staff named Kelly - - Kelly Rindfleisch, meet Bridget Kelly - - who got their bosses into trouble (or was it the other way around?) for email-sinning-on-public-time.

Walker and Christie have both dodged indictment while their staffers and associates and appointees took falls.

(Rick Perry, facing felony charges, you are not in this club. It's just for the lucky kids.)

Now let's look at some Walker/Christie policy similarities.

Both governors killed federally-funded Amtrak expansions, consigning motorists and truckers to more highway traffic congestion and rail passengers to second-class transportation status, or worse.

Christie cut New Jersey school funding, and when sparring (video) with a teacher about it - - as is his wont - - blamed his Democratic predecessor John Corzine.

Walker routinely blames all his problems on Democratic gubernatorial predecessor Jim Doyle.

And, like Christie, Walker also severely cut K-12 public school funding in his first budget without fully back-filling the reductions in later years.

Both governors enjoy scapegoating teachers, and while Christie likes to tell his critics to sit down and shut up, Walker went further and dropped a collective bargaining and take-home pay bomb on teachers - - and all public employees - - that aimed to shut up their unions, too.

So, yes, Christie is noisy and bombastic; Walker prefers stealth while hiding behind a pleasant, Pawlenty-like facade.

And Walker will use Christie the same way, so don't be fooled.

Because either way - - Walker's or Christie's - - their knives cut deep.


Alice in Blunderland said...

Don't forget the other GOP Governor Bobbie Jindl, he is the forgotten triplet. Same game plan as Christie and Walker, and Louisiana has become a failed state just like New Jersey and Wisconsin. His popularity has also tanked.

James Rowen said...

I didn't forget him. He's an asterisk.

Anonymous said...

Calling Jindl an "asterisk" is overstating his relevancy. After all, I occassionally have a legitimate use for the asterisk character on my keyboard. Jindl, on the other hand, it entirely irrelevant outside of Louisiana. Hopefully, folks down there will eventually decide that right wing ALEC-style austerity does not grow the economy. It just drives more people to the poor house.

Anonymous said...

Walker/Christie would be a Laurel & Hardy team. Ya nust gotta love the comic potential there!

my5cents said...

While I realize you are talking about Presidential candidates or projected candidates, don't forget the other Republican governors who have done the same things in their states. Kansas sticks out for one, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, SC, NC, and a few I can't think of right now. The other southern states had already instituted austerity measures long before. Oh, and don't forget Jeb Bush did all of that and more in Florida years ago. They are all a bunch of losers when it comes to working for the people. They all only work for the very rich and corporations. Last but not least is Illinois' new governor who is also pushing the ALEC agenda on that state.

Anonymous said...

Imagine Eddie Haskell being Governor. That's Walker!

Paul Berge said...

"I'm not running for president of the United States as a surrogate for being prom king of America," the 52 year-old Christie said. "I mean what I say and I say what I mean and that's what America needs right now."
How come nobody is calling this a swipe at our Darth Snotwalker?