Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another amazing clarification boosts Walker

[Update: Former Walker campaign official not buying it.] Not sure if everyone saw the NY Times piece about the Heritage Foundation scholar who said he'd discussed immigration with a moderately-sounding Walker, and when that hit the right-wing fan the scholar took it all back:
Forget What I Said. That Scott Walker Call? Never Happened
Whoa! What luck. Or something.

I'd put it here.

But it reminded me of another amazing episode a few months ago over whether Walker was misrepresenting a privilege allowed him by President Reagan library officials whom Walker said had spontaneously allowed him to hold Reagan's totemic family bible.

But after negative media, there was a clarification issued in Walker's favor by more senior Reagan foundation officials.

The hands=on bible story is part of Walker's stump speech and an example of his decades-long Ronald Reagan infatuation.

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