Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Little WI Dictators' schemes come into costly, undemocratic focus

Partisan pipsqueaks peck away at the people's democracy, public spending and process transparency.

The rise of the little dictators foreshadowed after Walker fell to the kind of teacher Wisconsin Republicans savaged with Act 10 is coming into full but incomplete view, and they've broadened their perverse horizons from merely hamstringing Evers' rule-making powers to rigging a State Supreme Court seat for a conservative appointee even if costs state taxpayers millions of dollars to alter election procedures.

Do Vos and Fitzgerald care about public spending and fair elections? Not if their political advantages are at risk.
Picture of Representative Robin Vos
Walker may be engaging in some 'right thing' post election silence, but GOP Assembly Speaker was self-righteously-loud-and-clear about last-minute, partisan legislating.

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Chris said...

'Pipsqueek' perfectly describes Vos, Fitzgerald and Walker. If not for their gerrymandered districts and boatloads of outside cash to fund their campaigns, they would be nothings, as evidenced by their inept management of Wisconsin government (2+ billion deficit anyone?)

Certainly we can do much better than them, and now we've proven it by electing Tony Evers/Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, Sarah Godlewski, Robyn Vining and others. And don't forget how well candidates such as Julie Henszey and Dennis McBride performed against Republican incumbents who only survived because their districts were securely gerrymandered.

Inch by inch we'll continue to take back our state -- On Wisconsin!