Sunday, November 11, 2018

Some images of what helped cost Walker his incumbency

Since pictures are worth 1,000 words, I'll add these images to the record of Walker's election loss postmortems. For your files, in no particular order:
Summer flooding off the Foxconn site.
Impaired waterways in Wisconsin doubled to more than 800 during Walker's tenure. This is the Little Plover River, often going dry with so many big ag operations taking groundwater while the DNR implemented the Walker 'chamber of commerce mentality' direction.
Cover-flood-Walker-crJudithDavidoff-08302018.jpgJudith Davidoff photo also credited here. Note the sign-carrying silent commentator referencing the scrub by Walker's DNR of climate change information from its taxpayer-paid website.
This from the candidate Walker endorsed.
Manure flowing off a Kewaunee County CAFO. Could have easily been from a Central Sands CAFO, too.
That 2015 presidential campaign of his reappeared in a most embarrassing way and reminded voters he'd kicked them to the curb a few weeks after pledging to serve out his second gubernatorial term won in 2014.

Man on the Milwaukee Lakefront this summer.

Adrian’s Frozen Custard in Burlington. Mmmmmm!

It became part of the language

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This is great. Especially the food tweet.