Monday, July 9, 2018

Foxconn math could boost qualifying for WI subsidies

Some fine reporting in BizTimes shows that while we now know that Foxconn is reducing the scale of its original, large-screen device factory, it intended to hire 5,000 workers of its ultimate 13,000-person workforce at the bottom of its pay scale.

And after robotization, then what?

The story also indicates that the pay of hundreds of higher-paying white collar positions at Foxconn's Milwaukee headquarters and Green Bay innovation center will be factored into overall average pay along with six-figure, presumably management salaries which the company will use to compute and meet its contractually-pledged average per-job wage of about $53,000 - - and thus qualifying for the transfer of taxpayer dollars by the millions.

Thanks to this version of the 'art of the deal,' advantage Foxconn, to the taxpayers and many workers' disadvantage.
Some of the 'blighted' Racine County cabbage fields Foxconn will build on. 2017 photo.

And to bulldozed land, and language, ad math to a project the parties say is evolving.

Also to our understanding of the business right's favored term, 'flexibility,' invoked by Foxconn - - especially when public money and policy is up for sale - - as it sought maximum advantage in the deal.

Full Foxconn archive, here.


Anonymous said...

"The Art of The Deal" comes from the Republican associated home builders and developers making a mint off the low income city they will build for here, gone tomorrow workers. Foxconn get's Lake Michigan water, Republicans make lots of money, and out beautiful state of Wisconsin gets a twin to Gary Indiana. Thank you for this "generational" gift.

Where's the ethics? said...

COMING SOON: Gary, Indiana II

Anonymous said...

So the average WI burger flipper or coffee server or farmer will be subsidizing executive salaries for one of the richest corporations in the world while schools and roads fall apart. How do you feel about that Wisconsin? I think it sucks. Scott Walker's legacy has been a rapid decline in the quality of life for most Wisconsinites.