Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cool DNR science celebrated; bad day for WI science haters

WI's small-minded, but video-taped GOP Gov. Walker and his dumb-as-a-bag of hammers legislative allies have been hell-bent to crush DNR science since early 2011, so make sure you read this wonderful celebration of DNR science in today's Journal Sentinel.
DNR biologist Jordan Weeks has been living and breathing muskies for 24 years and has the catch rate to prove it. But what really sets him apart is how he does it: by thinking like a scientist.
It's the best way to fully grasp the stupidity and damage tying together Team Walker's long crusade against science and commonsense at the intentionally and ideologically weakened DNR:

The Journal Sentinel story is also a wonderful antidote in the spiteful spate of anti-DNR tweets posted last weekend by failed GOP State Senate candidate and outgoing GOP State Rep. Adam Jarchow, like this: 

. 🙄 WI DNR does lots of moronic things, but this may be the most moronic. Folks, it’s not illegal to drink a couple beers on your boat. Ignore these clowns. Please enjoy your weekend.
Honestly, if we fired 3/4 of the bureaucrats, would we notice or would our life change at all? Maybe ... for the better! The useless non-sense that we waste money on with this agency, never ceases to amaze me.
I know bureaucrats who live in Madison & get a taxpayer funded paycheck & pension have no idea how our economy works, but people visit Northern WI in the summer for the very purpose of having a couple beers and enjoying the water. Dismantle this useless agency! 
Right. Dismantle the DNR. Because who wants to see an image like this? 
WI DNR website mucky photo


Peter Felknor said...

Boy, that kitchen-cabinet-caused bald spot is getting freaking huge. But Walker would never lie to us, so perhaps scientists can explain it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is a fish, not a fish story!