Friday, July 6, 2018

Walker mission: enable the polluters

So Brown (a/k/a blue-green) Water Walker wants to move DNR water quality and science-based, rural quality-of-life programs and staff to the friendlier confines (for Walker corporate-donor types) over at the state ag department, known as DATCP.

Which department, in an ideal, freed of Scott Walker's contaminating 'chamber of commerce mentality' and programs 

would you want to see big water-sucking, pollution-producing dairies, animal feeding and farming operations overseen in the public interest.

Let's compare the two departments' mission statements and see what they've long the people what it is they do with the state tax dollars we send them.

Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection, to which many DNR water and rural conservation programs would be transferred.  It's one sentence begins with "grow the economy" and ends with "promoting...a fair marketplace."

Our mission is to partner with all the citizens of Wisconsin to grow the economy by promoting quality food, healthy plants and animals, sound use of land and water resources, and a fair marketplace. Thank you for visiting. 
Now to the Department of Natural Resources. Its mission statement begins with "protect and enhance our natural resources," mentions "the ecosystems that sustain all life" and a "health, sustainable environment," and ends with "consider the future and generations to follow."

To protect and enhance our natural resources:
our air, land and water;
our wildlife, fish and forests
and the ecosystems that sustain all life.
To provide a healthy, sustainable environment
and a full range of outdoor opportunities.
To ensure the right of all people
to use and enjoy these resources
in their work and leisure.
To work with people
to understand each other's views
and to carry out the public will.
And in this partnership
consider the future
and generations to follow.

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