Thursday, July 5, 2018

Crises? Walker's got the answers. And the tweets

Yes, opioid deaths in Wisconsin keep spiking. Walker's leading about it. According to Twitter. 

Apr 23MoreWe have been on the front lines fighting the opioid epidemic here in WI. I have signed 30 bills into law addressing it as governor
Yes, Trump's tariff wars are starting, aimed straight at many Wisconsin businesses and a supine Governor

And, yes, the state's signature dairy farms have suffered the double-whammy of Trump tariffs and Walker's "30x20" talking-point over-supply. (That's 30 billion pounds of milk - - aided by state subsidies, despite over-producing that only the FACOs can survive - - by 2020.)

Again, Walker's on the case

Walker said he spoke with Trump Monday and Tuesday about the dairy crisis. “It was great to talk to you this morning,” Walker told Trump on Twitter after the conversation. “Thanks for supporting WI dairy farmers!!!”
@ScottWalker June 25. It’s Cheese Day in Wisconsin!!! Eat More Cheese!
There's a solution to those problems, and these, too:

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