Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hunters in WI throwing their dogs to the wolves. Again, & again...

It's happening again; five hunting dogs were injured, and one Plott hound was killed, in dog-wolf encounters and fights after hounds being trained to chase bears ran into the stronger, predatory-by-nature, pack-performing wolves, the WI DNR reports:
  • 7/22/18, two Walker trailing hounds injured in Douglas County, Town of Solon Springs
  • 7/28/18, Plott trailing hound injured in Douglas County, Town of Gordon
  • 7/29/18, Walker trailing hound injured in Burnett County, Town of Anderson
  • 7/29/18, Plott trailing hound killed in Sawyer County, Town of Winter
  • 7/29/18, Walker trailing hound injured in Oneida County, Town of Enterprise
More information and a caution-area maps are available on the gray wolf webpage.
Here's more information in a July story about the same bloody phenomenon.
All because there is an ugly bear hunting training method allowed in Wisconsin, complete with the only state-funded dog replacement program in the US, that also pays up to $2,500 per 'depredated' hound, regardless of whether the dog was let loose to run through known wolf rendezvous or denning areas, or was attracted by bear baits, or by a repeat payment collector, a scofflaw, etc.
A Plott hound, fyi:


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