Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Supine Scott Walker enables Trump's WI-trashing rage

Behaving less like a President and more like the score-settling investor loser in a proxy fight, Trump further gaslights his attack on Milwaukee's iconic Harley-Davidson:
Trump now says administration will boost competitors
Riders from Pennsylvania roll away from a stop at the Harley Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee. The corporate headquarters and engine works are a few miles away.
Is there a Russian motorcycle company Putin wants to kick start in the US market?

We used to ask what Putin has on Trump. Now I wonder what Trump has on Walker? Or is this as simple as lead sled dog relating to the dog at the back?

Also raised, this question:

Why does Trump keep undermining a state which tilted the election his way by hammering its signature diary, lumber, cranberry, grain, ginseng, biker, beer, and other mainstay employers - - not to mention bashing new Kenosha-area  arrival Amazon  - - and why is WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker so fawningly prostrate at Trump's feet?

A tweet here, and letter there, a useless 'I'm against all tariffs' dodge delivered at a Commerce Department meeting instead of to Trump during his latest fund-raising-foray-cum-Foxconn photo op less than a mile from that Harley-Davidson museum, above.

You might as well say in the face of a serial arsonist, 'Well, I've always been against careless use of smoking materials.'

Or explain away his do-nothing approach to climate change by saying: 
...always leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

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Anonymous said...

Are you talking about our hero "Super Scooter". The guy who withstood an attack in Lacrosse where they were trying to flip his car over (never happened). The guy whose Mom and kids were spit on in the grocery store (never happened). The guy who boldly promoted his Act 10 at town hall meetings (never happened).

There are three simple reasons why he refuses to have any courage: 1. He sees more political and financial gain for himself if he does Donald's bidding instead of Wisconsin manufacturers. WMC, the joke is on you. You shouldn't trust a fool. 2. He is a p****, and he is afraid that Donald will grab him.