Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"The Subsidy State" could come to license plates near you

In light of Walker's still-selling-Foxconn ad campaign, and the $12.5 million 'stay-in-Wisconsin' subsidy he cut for Fiserv, I'm looking for more winning innovations from him, like:

*   "Conning Wisconsin Greatly Again" hats for sale on his campaign website.

*   Legislation to give every person a check who agrees to keep their residence in Wisconsin. Bonus rebate if you still have a "We like it here" bumper sticker on your car.

*  An annual Walker-awarded Golden Hammock to a deserving, subsidized CEO.

*  A Walker campaign ad blitz guvsplaining to everyone in each quadrant of the state that the Fiserv subsidy is good for their local economy. 

*  And to honor his administration's support for Eaton Corp., Foxconn, Kestrel, Fiserv, Kimberly-Clark, BCI, Green Box LLC, and anyone who just saved money on a wetland-filling permit, Walker will designate "subsidy" the official 

state word.

Remember when the WMC wanted to scrub "America's Dairyland" off site license plates?

Since Walker and Trump are making that happen in the marketplace, wouldn't "America's Subsidized State" or "The Subsidy State" look good, and as the WMC was arguing Foxconningly, up-to-date? 

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