Saturday, July 14, 2018

4 ways Walker flunks WI education funding test

Walker is flooding the airwaves and social media with bogus claims about his budgeting for education in Wisconsin.

When you see or hear his propagandistic, misleading messages, remember:

1. Walker began his tenure with historic, multi-level $800 million education cuts. 

Walker's budget cuts state school aid by $834 million over the next biennium, a 7.9 percent decrease... 
But the bigger impact on local school budgets is Walker's proposal to reduce by 5.5 percent next year the amount that districts can increase revenues, which combines state aid and property taxes. It would be the first time that revenue limits would decrease since they were imposed nearly 20 years ago.
2. The cut outstripped those of other states.

3. Adjusted for inflation, the new funding does not bring the budget back to the state-local percentage split in place prior to Walker's election, adding to local districts' difficulties.

4. The cuts' substantial impacts continue

In Wake of Spending Cuts, Wisconsin Schools are Having Difficulty Hiring Teachers, New Report Shows
And in so many ways destroyed the teaching profession in Wisconsin

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CC said...

Absolutely. And the money he does earmark for education is taken from public schools to be given to his voucher-run-amok program.