Thursday, July 19, 2018

Where you can't drink the WI water. Or step in it.

Wisconsin's clean waters are increasingly blue-green, brown and unhealthy.

9:00 a.m. update 7/19/18 - - I'd posted this at 8:47 p.m. with a reference to Marinette County water contamination, but now there is this added reporting:
A Wisconsin company that makes fire suppression foam says it has found more evidence of toxic compounds polluting water in ditches near one of its operations in Marinette — the latest indication that some of its chemicals could be flowing into Lake Michigan
* Widespread well water contamination reported in Juneau County.
Testing of  more than 100 water wells in a rural area of Juneau County found 42 percent of them had high levels of nitrates and nitrogen, making the water unsafe to drink, a groundwater specialist said Tuesday.
Add that to:

*  Fecal contamination in Kewaunee County groundwater, recently described as "disgusting."
One evening in October 2016, as [Erika] Balza and her husband were getting ready for bed, they turned on the faucets. Out came dark brown water that smelled like manure. "I mean, that's just disgusting," Balza says. 
CAFO runoff in Kewaunee County
*  Groundwater contaminated with dangerous chemicals in Marinette County near Lake Michigan.

*  The doubling of impaired waterways in Wisconsin under Walker.

*  The persistent dead zone in Lake Michigan and a blue-green algae outbreak in 2016.

*  Lake Michigan dead zones, 2017 update.

*  Blue-green algae outbreaks in 2018.

*  Two years of raw sewage contamination tolerated in Eau Claire waters.

* The precise make-up of Foxconn's industrialized wastewater which will have begun as a multi-million-gallon-per-day Lake Michigan diversion is unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Blue-green? That sounds like the Blue Moon ice cream from my youth. We always thought it was flavored with 7-Up. The brown? Must be chocolate and if it is really brown and viscosius, then it must be double chocolate.

Sounds like some people should be thanking Scott Walker for the free flavored water! Let's all hoist up a toast to our Harley ridin' swill suckin' mis-shaped face, crooked eyed gubberner.

Do you think Scotty and his repug cabal will join us and have a glass?