Monday, July 30, 2018

Russia, if you're listening, Wisconsin is open for your hacking business

This is getting no remedial effort from the Walker administration
Voting systems in Wisconsin, a key swing state, can be hacked, security experts warn
because as voter-ID promoting, voting suppressing Scott Walker would put it, we're making it harder to vote and easier to cheat.

Or some b.s. like that.

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Anonymous said...

This is a critical post, so thank you for bringing it to the forefront. Please also see Rowen's thread below, and please be sure to check-out the comments:

Three polls' average has Evers +5.4% over Walker: RealClear Politics posts data from, and averages, three polls - - Marist, Emerson and Marquette Law - - and shows Evers +5.4%

1. This margin, which will become tighter or even flip by November, demonstrates that Walker is likely to win. Tony Evers is already down to the same margin that Hillary Clinton had in fall 2016.

2. Hillary lost Wisconsin, sure, it appears Russia indirectly and directly helped. No one can prove that votes were not flipped, but suppressing votes by creating problems in voter registration data would be enough to flip the election. No one should have to prove voters were not flipped -- the burden of proof should be on those that claim the outcomes are legitimate. We should have open, free, transparent, and verifiable elections.

3. Wisconsin will again play a key role in enabling the radical right-wing agenda that gave us Donald Trump. Scott Walker was his protege. You can bet that the fix will again be in. Walker's recall and 2014 were likely fixed too.

4. The media and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is setting us up with another terrible candidate. As outlined in the comments in the link above, Evers cannot beat Scott Walker and it is reasonable to question if the elite at DPW even want him to.