Sunday, July 1, 2018

Jarchow lost his Senate run, still around to float weird attack on DNR

Freed by a special election defeat to speak his mind, WI State GOP Rep. and blue wave swamping victim Adam Jarchow takes to Twitter to tell us how he really feels about the DNR, and the drunken boating it is hoping to minimize this holiday weekend:
  1. Honestly, if we fired 3/4 of the bureaucrats, would we notice or would our life change at all? Maybe ... for the better! The useless non-sense that we waste money on with this agency, never ceases to amaze me.

  2. From harassing hunters, to small business owners, to property owners and now to law abiding citizens who may (gasp) enjoy a beer while boating, the is hellbent on destroying our economy (and fun). We must end the DNR and just start over.

  3. I know bureaucrats who live in Madison & get a taxpayer funded paycheck & pension have no idea how our economy works, but people visit Northern WI in the summer for the very purpose of having a couple beers and enjoying the water. Dismantle this useless agency!

  4. Paging Dan Meyer and ! The bozos who work for you at somehow believe it’s their job to tell Wisconsinites not to engage in a perfectly legal activity. Some bureaucrats just need to be fired. cc:

  5. . 🙄 WI DNR does lots of moronic things, but this may be the most moronic. Folks, it’s not illegal to drink a couple beers on your boat. Ignore these clowns. Please enjoy your weekend.


Anonymous said...

He seems to be promoting drinking and driving which is illegal. Why would he do that? Maybe he just wants an excuse to bash the DNR? There are lots of reasons to bash any state agency but warning people to avoid illegal and dangerous behavior seems like thing the DNR should be doing.

Joe R said...

So did this clown get busted for drinking and boating? Sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

Jarchow is another dirt bag clown. Hey Adumb, lets start a new program. We can call it get drunk, smash your boat, and kill someone. When will the state media call out morons like this? Not that many years ago a guy like this would get railed on by the media. Adumb Jerchow, any drunk accidents are on you.Good riddance.

MadCityVoter said...

Rep. Jarchow must be trying to lock in that key Drunk Boater demographic for his next try at political office. Because who represents Drunk Boaters? No one! Except Rep. Jarchow, of course. Unfortunately, as Rep. Jarchow himself points out in his tweets, most drunk boaters are here from out of state on vacation and so they are not eligible to vote here in Wisconsin. I guess Rep. Jarchow will just have to move to some other state in order to live among his natural constituency...