Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rural innovation, from Wisconsin to England

Some interesting reading about good ideas I knew nothing about.

5,000 Wisconsin farms are recycling tons of plastic.
Old silage plastic is getting a new life, thanks to a plastics recycler based in Arkansas. Revolution Plastics’ has recycled over 40 million tons of ag plastic since launching its recycling program in Wisconsin two years ago... 
“The post-consumer resin, which is made from the silage plastics from Wisconsin can go into trash can liners, construction film, agricultural film, polytube irrigation, just a number of things it works great in,” [business operations director Price] Murphy says.
And in England, the green energy company Ecotricity - - 

An Ecotricity wind turbine at Green Park Business ParkReadingEngland, generating electricity for ~1000 homes.

- - can supply power from renewable sources including electricity that is free of animal byproducts. You can read more about how we make our green electricity here.
Why should you switch to vegan energy?
You don’t have to follow a vegan diet to switch to vegan energy – there are other reasons to make a change:
  • Cut your carbon emissions. Energy, transport and food production account for up to 80% of our personal carbon emissions. By switching to vegan energy, you’re doing one of the biggest single things you can do to cut your carbon footprint.
  • Support ethical energy production. If you switch to vegan energy, you can be sure your energy bills don’t support factory farming or the unethical treatment of animals. Instead, you’ll get animal free, 100% green, ethical energy.

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