Sunday, July 1, 2018

Trump to WI business, like dairy, lumber and more: Drop dead

Hey, Wisconsin farmers, growers, producers and consumers:

Trump blusters that his Canada, Mexico tariffs will stay.
Trump says he won’t sign any NAFTA deal until after midterms
President Trump said Sunday he is “not happy” with the revised NAFTA deal that his administration has been hammering out with Canada and Mexico and he doesn't want to sign any new agreement until after the midterm elections in November...But Trump has shown few signs of pulling back. Instead, he is calling for additional tariffs on China and on imported cars, a move that would hurt Europe, Japan and South Korea.
Because that's how best to confront barriers to the Canadian dairy market for small farmers already leading the nation in bankruptcies. 

And to the weakling Walker, thanks for nothing.
Things are moving in reverse:
He talked to Trump about it on the phone, according to this report, and followed-up with the rare, triple-exclamation pointed Tweet:
Walker said he spoke with Trump Monday and Tuesday about the dairy crisis.  
“It was great to talk to you this morning,” Walker told Trump on Twitter after the conversation. “Thanks for supporting WI dairy farmers!!!”
* Wait, there's more: Walker even signed a letter to Trump:
Walker issued a joint letter to Trump with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday. The move comes as 75 Wisconsin dairy farms won't have buyers for their milk beginning May 1st because of the restrictions.
* And issued a 'standing up for Wisconsin dairy farmers' news release detailing calls he'd made and assigned to others.  
Remember - - Wisconsin now leads the nation in small farm bankruptcies.
As dairy crisis crushes farmers, Wisconsin's rural identity in jeopardy
And when Trump surprised Walker with even more harmful tariffs, Walker "respectfully" asked Trump to stop - - Trump added even more tariffs.
Not to mention Trump's continuing war against tariff-hammered Harley-Davidson, about which Walker, purportedly the governor of all of Wisconsin, has no interest.
“I think they are going to take a big hit,” he said. “The people that are buying Harley-Davidson, they don’t want it built in another country."
Because, you know, Foxconn, even downsized.. 


Anonymous said...

And let's not forget that he has promised that internet sales tax will be "refunded" to the richest taxpayers. In Wisconsin only the rich profit from government handouts.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Scott Walker’s completely subservient behavior toward Donald Trump should not be surprising, given that Walker has never really cared about the state of Wisconsin or its people. The governorship was supposed to be nothing more than a springboard to the presidency for him.

His behavior IS surprising, though, at this particular point in time. You would think that any governor facing an extremely tough re-election campaign would do anything he possibly could to show the voters that he cares about them and is fighting for their interests. Strangely, instead of defending us, our governor is kissing up to the man who is destroying us. Why???

Honestly, I don’t know. But here’s what I WANT to believe: Despite his outward show of cheerfulness, confidence, and relaxing-with-a-beer-tweeting, Governor Walker is secretly terrified that he will lose this election, and knows there is a very real chance he will be unemployed in January 2019.

Behind the scenes, I can actually imagine him begging and pleading with Trump to find him a job...any Washington D.C. and Trump responding, “Fine, Scotty, maybe I will. For now, sit back, shut up, and let me do whatever I want.”

Of course, this is pure conjecture on my part. I don’t know what’s going on behind the curtain of Walker World. But I don’t think this is too far-fetched, do you?

Richard E. Schallert said...

No matter what Trump actually does, his rhetoric seems to enthrall his listeners! So despite the negative effects of his actions (or inactions), his followers still can't seem to recognize his hyprocrisy and long term harmful effects. Sad; today, tomorrow and then on into the next year. What is to be done with this phony liar-in-chief???