Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ron Johnson's latest word salad served with Russian dressing

You never know where ol' Senator Sunspots will land on an issue.

One day he's endorsing Trump for "his policies."

Even spoke for Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention when plenty of other potential speakers couldn't fit a speaking slot into schedules crowded with sock drawer arranging and oven-cleaning time. 

Next thing you know, Johnson is calling Trump's latest gambit - - federal aid for farmers hurt by Trump's 'policies' - - a step towards a "Soviet-type economy."
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
Is this how he's making up for the bad reviews he earned for his recently-released political box office bomb My Russian Vacation?

Not the first time that Johnson has come with an inflated, international metaphor that doesn't hit the mark.
Ron Johnson: League of Conservation Voters ad represents an 'environmental jihad'

Ah, I remember the good old days when Wisconsinte RoJo came out in favor of drilling for oil in the Great Lakes and left all the big-picture international stuff to the experts, like Jared:
One month ago, Johnson was asked by the media, "Would you support drilling like in the Great Lakes, for example, if there was oil found there?" Johnson said, “Yeah. You know, the bottom line is that we are an oil-based economy. There’s nothing we’re going to do to get off of that for many, many years, so I think we have to just be realistic and recognize that fact. And I think we have to get the oil where it is…”[WisPolitics, Interview, 6/14/10]
And, for the record, it's also realistic and a fact that you don't get for the oil where it isn't. 


Anonymous said...

This post should serve as a reminder as to how Hillary Clinton let us down. She did not campaign in Wisconsin! And while Marquette Law Poll initially proclaimed Feingold and Clinton would crush there republican opponents, it eventual shrunk to barely the stated margin of errors (NOTE: No one should take MLP at face value, but that is another topic).

Campaigning with Feingold might have made the difference between winning and loosing Wisconsin -- the margin of tRump's victory (if there were no hacks -- no one actually knows) was paper-thin. I attended Jill Stein's recount event at UW-Milwaukee and came away convinced that she was a hack exploiting here Green Party candidacy for personal profit, however there is reason suspect that Wisconsin's elections are not on the up-and-up.

My point: Clinton likely could have won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania; but she choose to essentially let those states go uncontested. I have seen reports that, inside the Clinton campaign, there was data that suggested the more people saw of her, the less they liked her. I cannot confirm that, but if true it does demonstrate that she was worse than an incompetent candidate -- she was a horrible candidate anointed by the party and was destined to lose.

GOP is now walking a fine line -- standing behing tRump 100% while pretending to be tough on Vladimir Putin. President Obama let Feingold down in 2010. Russ made the mistake of assuming the democratic party and the president meant it when they the talked about a public option in healthcare reform to keep insurance companies honest. They abandoned him in 2010.

Hillary abandoned Wisconsin and Feingold -- so remarkably stupid. A Clinton presidency would have been a disaster if GOP controlled the house and senate. She evidently did not care. Shame on her -- we are now stuck with Ron Johnson. Things could have been very different. There is only 1 person to blame -- Hillary

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Wasn't (Mo)Ron on the stage at the original Foxconn announcement? You want to talk about government interference and picking winners and losers...

And given that Johnson is up to his protruding ears in The Trump-Russia-NRA mess (Johnson got a big boost from the NRA in 2016), he really shouldn't use Soviet Union metaphors.