Thursday, July 19, 2018

Democrats, are you listening?

A poll-tested political plank is right in front of you.

People hate their Scottholes.
Northern, Western Wisconsin Residents Have Dismal View Of Roads In Latest Survey.

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Anonymous said...

The roads are dangerous and damage hour car's suspension. Walker has failed us on the most basic parts of his job - maintaining existing infrastructure that is the foundation of our transportation system and economy.

The man's a fool and one-trick pony. He can cut taxes and he can defer debt payment. He has loaded the state's Rainy Day fun with debt. He is borrowing 1 billion for the transportation budget.

And the media continues to catapult the propaganda that he is a fiscal conservative that has an amazing streak of balanced budgets.

The folks that publish this crap know better, but they Wisconsin is blanketed with right-wing media.

Even while newspaper circulations continue to collapse, right-wing Jefferson Daily County Union and Janesville Gazette publish the lies. Hoard/Jefferson Daily County Union had to close its web press and it is now printed in Janesville. Neither Bliss (Janesville Gazette) nor Hoard can keep the press running by themselves anymore.

Circulation of Hoard Dairyman must be way down as CAFO dairies do not need to read the trivial and largely irrelevant features in Hoard Dairyman.

Just like Wisconsin's western family dairy farms, these interest endorse and vote for politicians that are actively destroying their businesses.