Wednesday, July 11, 2018

WI Gov. clueless about farmers, families and irony

Read it and flinch.

You tell me how a Governor who is enabling big dairy farms at the expense of the smaller, family-run operations, and who is silent and supine before the children-snatching, farm-killing, anti-Wisconsin Tariff King could post this on Twitter feed without a shred of embarrassment:
 5 hours ago5 hours agoMoreGood to attend Farm Technology Days in Marshfield to talk about what more we can do to stand up for our farmers and their families.

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Anonymous said...

And what better way to show support for Wisconsin's family farm tradition than to give $4.5 Billion to multinational corporation Foxconn and then evict them from land as if their operations had no value. None of the Mount Pleasant land is unused or blighted, yet Walker is blessing condemning property.

And then there's today's exciting news for farmers. Scotty's pay-to--play WEDC money laundering scheme just stuck taxpayers with ANOTHER $1.1 million loan scam, forgiving one of his big donors, jailed con Ron Van Den Heuvel, who scammed the state and then created ZERO jobs.

It takes massive amounts of pro-Walker corporate propaganda to present this shill as a "fiscal conservative" and workingman's friend, but the good news for Walker is that Wisconsin's dysfunctional right-wing media echo-chamber is more-than up-to the massive amount of lying and dishonest reporting to catapult him into a third term.

Folk's nothing is going to change in Wisconsin. In progressive circles. it is now common to fault the mainstream media for promoting candidate Donald Trump and launching him into the White House. People that consume nooooze in Wisconsin have swallowed shameless amounts of Walker propaganda and many do not even know it even after so many years of tripe.

Nothing changes here until more people stand up to the media's lies. We know why Scott Walker lies. The real question is why are these lies repeated uncritically across the state -- especially when his is now mismanaging Wisconsin's finances by billions and billions of dollars.