Friday, July 27, 2018

Of dead zones in WI waters. Also in certain officials' policies, photos.

Scottholes are what you get when you let the roads and their budgets rot.

Contaminated drinking water - - some blue-green and/or brown - -  is what you get when legislated rot allows manure or agriculture chemicals to flow into groundwater, adding to the broad damage to Wisconsin wildlife, rivers, streams and lakes which are Walker dirty hallmarks.

And when enough of that gubernatorial, legislative and bureaucratic special-interest rot is allowed to flow into, say, Green Bay in Lake Michigan - - which communities pump for kitchen taps and industries blend into fresh and processed foods and swimmers use for a dip on a hot day and anglers ply for game fish and dinner - - you get something medieval sounding: a "dead zone." 

Explored in a Journal Sentinel update.
Algae blooms plaguing Green Bay are more than just a nuisance. When that material dies and decays, it burns up massive amounts of oxygen that can lead to "dead zones"
Noted earlier in this summary of Walker's environmentally-destructive tenure, here.

You want to see another dead zone?

Between the ears, below.



Anonymous said...

This is the best explanation I have seen for Walker's dopey-looking dead eyes and the empty expression that seems to be permanently embedded on his face. Between his ears is a massive dead zone.

Joe R said...

So it's not CWD then?