Friday, June 29, 2018

For Foxconn, Walker bulldozes the language, too

Walker's twitter feeds have been almost non-stop Foxconn-fawning for the last two days (I know, much longer.)

And this tweeted phrase of his a few hours ago that lauded his subsidy-drenched-Foxconn-deal as an historic "corporate attraction project" caught my eye.

That's today's contortion of 'corporate welfare' after it went through the GOP propaganda scrubber, because, you know, 'welfare' is only for those who'd use it as a 'hammock, not a trampoline.' (Shhhh, hear the dog whistle?)

A few more Foxconn-related slogans for the Walker re-election voter and donor attraction project come to mind:

* Don't fret about increased air and water pollution, or the misuse of Lake Michigan approved by Walker and state 'regulators. Think of the the 'Asthma inhaler and metallic-contaminate enhancer attractions.'

* When questioned about potholed state roads and aging bridges he's ignored, Walker can pitch them as his 'auto repair shop attraction project.'

* Similarly, the groundwater pollution he's enabled near large-scale dairy and animal feeding operations can be recast as 'bottled water industry attraction projects, or 'brown water dilution development opportunities.'

* Not to mention Walker's giveaway of public land, and green-lit destruction of rare dunes, vital wildlife habitat, water rights and other vital resources now to be called the 'State Park paving attraction program'

* People being forced from their with homes and farms on the Foxconn site by Walker's 'corporate attraction project, or imaginary 'blight,' or big government declarations of eminent domain can be hailed as pioneers in 'a real estate agent attraction project.'

Cabbage fields on the 'blighted' Foxconn site, 2017
* The flood-mitigating wetlands on the site and in a flood-prone county exempted by the Walker deal from draining and filling protections sahllled be now identified as as 'underutilized water attracting acreage.'

* And the Wisconsin taxpayers being soaked by $4.5 billion in subsidies must be reminded they are funding an 'Illinois millennial attraction project.'

Feel free to add any more new language 'attractions' in the comment section.

And I have added today's post to my continuing Foxconn archive, here.


Chris said...

Given the way Foxcon treats its employees, I doubt that millennials will be interested in working there.

David Blaska said...

Those "dog whistles" you keep hearing are probably only tinnitus. Get your hearing checked.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Okay, here are my offerings on creative language the governor might use...

1.) The defunding of Planned Parenthood: “Unplanned Population Enhancement Program.”

2.) The gutting of our schools, resulting in an ignorant, uninformed public: “Conservative Voter Propagation Program.”

3.) Voter ID, ending same-day registration, and cutting back polling place hours: “Everlasting Empire Maintenance Program.”

4.) Huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy: “Trickle-Down Economics.” (Oops, sorry...that’s been taken.)

5.) And finally...the entire Republican Party platform: “Caucasian Dominance Continuation Program.”

James Rowen said...

Thanks, Dave. I'll ask my friends who have tinnitus if they think that's funny.