Saturday, July 28, 2018

Walker keeps campaigning in Eau Claire. Any talk of what's in the water there?

No doubt, as I've noted before, that when Walker grubs for and tweets about votes in Eau Claire - - 
 2 hours agoMoreEnjoyed the Eau Claire Republican Party BBQ today! Good weather, great food and awesome people!
- - he doesn't bring up that the state just OKed this, as I recently noted: 

Did he mention that his polluter-friendly DNR just shrugged off 100 million gallons of raw sewage that been dumped into the rivers there since 2016, even though the DNR is supposed to guarantee clear water to all Wisconsin residents according to the agency and the state constitution...
Does Walker even know that Eau Claire, translated from the French, means "clear water," and that its water clarity preceded the French 
More data: The number of so-called impaired waterways has skyrocketed during Walker's reign, in part because he and his GOP legislative allies rolled back phosphorous-dumping controls at the behest of special interests, hence there is more choking algae growth in state waters, along with other pollution-enabling forfeitures of the public trust.

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