Thursday, July 19, 2018

So maybe Walker thought it was a meeting of the National Russian Association

[Updated from 7/18/18] So we're getting more of Walker's typical 'don't ask me! I know nothing' behavior.

Thought he still has nothing to say about the Trump's-Putin FUBAR bear-hug in Helsinki, he has broken his silence about how he managed to get his picture taken with an alleged Russian spy who seemed enamored of his 2015 Presidential bid and who herself has managed to get herself charged by the US government for operating in the country as an unregistered foreign agent.

Walker finally said he remembered meeting the woman at an NRA convention back when he was polling strongly prior to the Iowa caucuses

MSNBC screen shot, 7/18. Russian connected banker/pol Alexander Torshin to Walker's right, and arrested alleged Russian spy Maria Butina to Walker's left.
only because other people have pointed it out now, that he doesn't remember speaking Russian to her (as she does), and doesn't know anyone who's been contacted by the authorities in the matter, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Walker might as well say he thought he was at a National Russian Convention, looking for a pen pal.

His denials and disinterest are a variation on his frequent absence of an opinion, whether it be about immigrant kids being snatched from their parents at the southern border, or on, say, evolution.

Frankly, a lot gets past Walker.

A few years ago, I noted some of the issues Walker said he knew nothing about, including whether being gay was a matter of both or choice and if President Obama was Christian.

Or if he knew anything about the John Doe probe, or, at the time, about whether his campaign for student body President had broken any rules.

Or, if he had talked to mega-donor Diane Hendricks about a divide-and conquer strategy.

You see the pattern.

Elsewhere I noted that Walker didn't know if he had signed recall petitions against Sen. Herb Kohl and Sen. Russ Feingold, and didn't know anything about a patient at a Milwaukee County facility starving to death when he was County Exec.

Walker defends withholding Mental Health Complex report

"I don't know what's in it, so it's hard for me to say" if it should be released, Walker said. His administration had nothing to do with the report being withheld, Walker said.
Then, as now, don't bother asking. He knows nothing. 

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