Saturday, July 28, 2018

Has WI DNR CAFO chart been deleted, rather than updated?

I'd noted several times on this blog that Wisconsin DNR webpages devoted to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOS, featured a chart with decades of data that had not been updated since May, 2014.

Here is one such post, from 2017, with the chart and my suggestion that the DNR update it.
So maybe the DNR's chart needs an update:
CAFO Graph
Wisconsin CAFO WPDES permits by animal type over time
I hadn't looked at the page for a while, but since I have been writing frequently about well water users' health consequences near CAFOs, and major CAFO expansion, and the DNR's rapid-fire CAFO permitting procedures, among other issues - - 
- - so I checked to see if the chart had been updated.


Instead, it has been deleted, taking away the ease of historical comparisons along with the visual snapshot in graphic form it provided.

Reminded me of the deletion of climate change information he agency deleted in 2016Again - - why not improve on what was there for the public to see, and analyze, and share, instead of erasing it?

You can root around the DNR's web site and see some current CAFO data - - but the loss of the chart's easy-to-see comparisons by animal type and groupings of years is a public information loss.

Especially since other state data show property values fall near the CAFOs.

If the DNr chart is there and sharper eyes have found it, let me know.

Just fyi, here is a webpage showing recent CAFO permit issuance or renewal application information.


Anonymous said...

Dontcha know, Scotty is running for re-election for baby jeebus' sake. The folks with feces in their water seem to be OK with Walker's DNR, so no reason to take a chance on helping them figure out why theirs literally crap in their water.

Who would vote for Scotty then? IMHO, they would still, because they are so full of hate and resentments that the manure is starting to taste good.

Anonymous said...

Why go to all the expense to buy tackle and guides to fish for brown trout?

Just run some well water in your hot tub and start netting!

Anonymous said...

What is happening with the proposal to turn over the CAFO program to DATCP?

Chris said...

As The Washington Post notes on its masthead, 'Democracy Dies in Darkness'.