Sunday, July 8, 2018

"#Scottholes" land on Twitter, Wausau "STOP" billboard

[Updated news, and from 5/30/18 from web address, which is seeking Scotthole photo submissions.] 

July 8 update:

Yes! There are now more Scott-holes billboards! The message continues to spread!! Look for our new billboards in the Oshkosh (I-41) area and west of Appleton (Hwy 10).

Words about "Scottholes" and"Governor Pothole" pale in comparison to the image.
3 hours agoMoreHere’s a close up of the new billboard near . Help us spread the word. “STOP" (Safe Transportation Over Politics) the .
Also: You can submit your Scotthole photos, here


Anonymous said...

excellent!!!! ... thanks to whoever did this ... good!

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Unknown said...

Awesome billboard! Thank you!