Thursday, July 19, 2018

More Walker-Butina photos

We'd seen some, but here are others, and they originated on a Walker PAC website, just for the record.
Former NRA president David Keene introduces Maria Butina and Alexsandr Torshin to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, April 2015.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Walker got any of the sexual favors?

I am trying to be respectable about this and not excessively inflammatory. There are credible reports that this was one of the ways Butina influenced key politicians and officials for Russia. It is a reasonable question, so I hope you don't take this as a rude and trolling comment -- it is not.

The personal integrity of politicians matter, whether they are republican or democratic. Given that Walker was a key figure in the Wisconsin mafia (Priebus, Ryan, Walker) you cannot assume that Walker was not aware of who he was meeting/greeting.

And for more "beach your brain" reflections, now consider what Paul Ryan must meant when he proclaimed "No leaks, this is how we know we’re a real family here” when House Majority Leader and California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy brought up Putin's money and influence.

James Rowen said...


Anonymous said...

Question begs to be asked - why "no"?

Its certainly not because this is a man of high integrity and morals. It really is a gross visual image, so maybe 'nuff said. Walker probably preferred boatloads of Russian cash. We now know that, a Koch puppet he may be, but this was never just about their money. Perhaps this explains why Walker was so far in debt after his laughable and failed run for President.

The fortune that Putin and his buddies stole and needed to launder is much bigger than the political fund of David & Chatles Mich. While Walker thought Russia would financially back him, that money was on another horse.

Bernard J. (Bernie) Starzewski said...

But but but he said he only met her once when she stopped for "a" photo.

Allen said...

But i would.

Anonymous said...

What is in the gift box in his hand? He looks gobsmacked.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:33 In his left hand?

Looks like an adult toy, but I don't want to be any more descriptive. It dies appear to suggest that the answer to the first question in the comments would be a resounding "YES!" though I don't want to even speculate what that sausage-like object in Walker's hands would be used for.