Wednesday, January 31, 2018

'Flexibility' flexed, 600 more good jobs gone on Walker's watch

[Updated] Today's word about job losses in Walker's right-direction Wisconsin is one of his favorites: Flexibility.

On his flexibility-favored, failed job-creating and otherwise dismal Wisconsin watch, you can add a freshly-deleted Kimberly-Clark and 600 good-paying jobs to what's already been flexed off the books at, say, Harley-Davidson.

And also in large numbers on Walker's watch at Walker USA in Waukesha, and Brillion Iron Works, not to mention at Oscar Mayer, Caterpillar, Manitowoc Crane, Wausau Paper, GE, Borden, Joy Global, SC Johnson - - some summarized earlier, here.

Update: Fond du Lac cheese plant with 120 jobs, too.

Update: And this just in: Bon Ton Stores, with a headquarters in Milwaukee, said it is closing nine stores in Wisconsin.

Give Walker extra credit for boosting the Trump tax cut which Kimberly-Clark said it was using to finance its plant closings

Chief Financial Officer Maria Henry said on a conference call that savings from the recent federal tax cut would help fund the cost reductions. It "provides us the flexibility" to do so, she said.
Which brings us back to that favorite Walker concept and cudgel - - "flexibility" - - seen when justifying the undermining of UW tenure to upending local controls and public employees' personal budgets under Act 10

And when opposing federal health care changes, a demand for gubernatorial "ultimate flexibility."

Or when he's after the right to drug-testing the poor in exchange for food stamps as a "flexibility" necessity.

Walker will dig Kimberly-Clark's moves and lingo, because "flexibility" on his terms means people somewhere with less power are getting that right-direction shaft.

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