Monday, July 16, 2018

Uh, oh. Clarke, Walker had contacts with alleged Russian agent

[Tuesday update - - Walker still hiding behind spokespersons.] Comrades! The specter of Russian election interference has closed in on Wisconsin, as we learn more about alleged an Russian agent's contacts key 'law-and-order' leaders.
She began reaching out to NRA members and other American gun enthusiasts in 2013, on several occasions hosting NRA executives and gun activists in Moscow, including one delegation that included former Milwaukee Sheriff Dave Clarke.

Also on her list, Scott "Right Direction" Walker: 
MADISON – A Siberian woman charged as part of an alleged Russian plot to interfere with U.S. politics was at Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign launch and said she did not see him as being hostile toward Russia. 
The woman, Maria Butina, attempted to establish lines of communication with American politicians that could be used to influence U.S. policies Russia, according to court documents filed Monday. 
Butina was arrested Sunday and the criminal complaint against her was unsealed Monday in Washington, D.C.


steven said...

No surprise, considering a prank caller was able to fool Walker into thinking he was David Koch.

Imagine what Sacha Baron Cohen could do with Walker.

Anonymous said...

Lyin' Ryan will likely be shown to have been a part of this also.

Anonymous said...

What does anyone want to bet that some of Walker's dark money is not really koch - its money laundering for Russia?

Remember, the koch fortune came from Joseph Stalin.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Is there any difference between NRA money and Russian Money at this point?

Anonymous said...

Well, if we want to fight this with honest and accurate info, the NRA has an unlimited pool of crackpots here in the US. They really, if they wanted to, do not need Russian money to bestow on candidates.

My point above was not about NRA which is distinctly different than Koch money. IMHO the NRA is laundering money from Russia so that it can be given to candidates and appear to be US (you know, patriotic teabaggin' cash).

And Koch cash? That is actually Russian money too, going way back before Charles and David.