Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Note to aspiring candidates: be careful whom you greet in Russian

[Updated from 1:52 p.m. Walker is still ducking the issues, leaving it to spokespeople to respond.]

[Updated from 1:35 p.m.] P.T. Barnum is said to have observed "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

Scott Walker might disagree with that, given this Monday evening Washington Post column.

It references Walker back when he was riding high in 2015 presidential polling - - first place in Iowa!! - - and crossed paths with a certain Maria Butina, the now-federally-charged alleged Russian agent:
Another criminal allegation against another Russian national who was involved in the 2016 election was announced Monday by the Justice Department... 
April 24, 2015: Butina attends the NRA convention in Nashville. There she and Torshin meet Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.), who reportedly greets her in Russian...
July 13, 2015: Butina attends the launch of Walker’s presidential campaign. 
Here's a fuller account in the Cap Times, complete with a photo from a Walker-boosting PAC.
Torshin, Walker, Butina

And, like the entire issue of Trump's embrace of Putin, Walker isn't taking any direct questions.


Betsey said...

He's too busy ruining Wisconsin to take your pesky questions!

Jody said...

The fact that Walker greeted Butina in Russian shows (premeditated) intent to impress and garner her support. Walker knows how to weasel alright!! It also demonstrates Walker has no scruples and respect for our laws and Constitutional values when it comes to amassing wealth for sustaining himself as a lifetime politician.