Friday, July 20, 2018

Walker's embarrassing tweet against the Russia photo scoop

Pathetic Twitter response to the real scoop.
Continuing to celebrate

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Anonymous said...

Remember, Scott Walker cannot speak in complete sentences. It took a ton of propaganda and coached interviews by the likes of Charlie Sykes & WTMJ-AM to catapult Walker into successively higher political offices and ultimately to the top of Wisconsin politics.

He has no ability to write engaging tweets. Even if he could write tweets, his agenda should repel key blocks of voters as they undermine living wages, family farms, Milwaukee, transportation infrastructure, fiscal budgets without massive amounts of hidden debt, and the economic needs of rural communities. Like he has stated, his signature Act 10 was a surprise attach, "the bomb".

Walker has always used twitter to post meaningless and banal stuff, pictures of the food he eats. This is nothing more than subtle propaganda where his is misrepresenting himself as being aligned with common folk.

I understand why an intelligent man like yourself would find this embarrassing. To Walkerites, it is just a way to use social media without any substance. It allows a low-level use twitter. Listen to Walker speak without coaching or prepared remarks. He has a very low ability to use the English language.

Tweeting these pictures is about all he can handle.