Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Walker didn't schedule a Foxconn photo-op. What's up with that?

Why pass the ball when there are no defenders under the basket and there's an easy layout staring you in the face?

Three theories why Walker would pass -  unless I'm not seeing the coverage - - on a Foxconn photo-op today, instead defaulting to a Tweet and deferring to a company announcement about hiring subcontractors - -

 6 hours ago6 hours agoMore“Foxconn names 37 subcontractors for construction of first building”
(Full Foxconn archive, here.) 

Instead of holding a hardhat, in the dirt photo to milk even more free media from his pet corporate project to which he's tied his re-election bid with $4.5 billion in taxpayer money.

*  Theory #1 - - He knows voters are experiencing Foxconn-overload-overexposure-syndrome, as polling suggests.

*  Theory #2 - - He might have to remember his 'no-collusion-with-Butina' lines, so better reduce the likelihood of more embarrassing questions about embarrassing pictures his own campaign PAC had circulated that have led to embarrassing stories in national media.

*  Theory #3 - - He was busy - - and he's reminded us that he only has so much time to deal with certain issues - - editing his cellphone photos to pick the next round of posted pictures of half-consumed cups of custard, burrito plates and beers.

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Anonymous said...

Theory 4: This is all a criminal pay-to-play and Walker can't afford to make big Foxconn headlines today, as One Wisconsin Now has broke this story:

More Donors to Gov. Scott Walker’s Campaign Get Foxconn Contracts: Those Who Give Keep Getting’ As Total of Donations to Scott Walker From Businesses Snagging Contracts Surpasses $582,000


Governor Walker has always hid behind the excuse of economic development to reward his contributors with taxpayer money. Since the heat is on, Walker may not be able to count on Pooty-Poot Putin's money this time around. We now know that the NRA has been laundering Russian money, putting this story in a different context:

Russian Operative Highlights Walker’s NRA Ties


Could it be that Walker's Koch money has distracted everyone from massive amounts of money illegally being laundered from Russia oligarchs?