Monday, July 2, 2018

More proof that Walker is too busy to comment on seized kids

Don't accuse Walker of having idea hands or being without priorities.

I'd noted earlier Monday just how busy Scott Walker and his too-full-hands have been to comment on Trump's seizing and jailing of kids, even toddlers, at the southern border.

Walker has posted on his Twitter feed more about those busy hands of his:

These are my kind of fries at Parkside 23!

is a good chance to remember good times with the .

More ice cream at breakfast on the farm in Marinette County. Mmmm.

Special thanks to the TePoel Family, the Chequamegon Dairy Association and Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin for hosting a day out on the farm in Maple, WI!
Outstanding Pat Benatar concert at last night!


Anonymous said...

Scooter is a campaign genius. He really knows how to work it. Scooter loves the Brewers, I love them. Scooter loves Pat B, so do I. Scooter loves ice cream with strawberries, weird, so do I! Scooter loves those fries, I'm hungry just looking at his picture. Scooter and I are the same person!!! How could I not vote for him?

I guess their is one slight difference: I'm not a divisive, money loving, environment hating, poor people hating, anyone but rich people hating, Koch butt kissing, chronic lying, worker hating, teacher hating,family hating, hypocritical, arrogant fool.

Golden Eagles said...

Let’s hope people see beyond his love for ice cream and the Brewers.
Well done ANON