Saturday, July 7, 2018

Walker goes low, WI farmers go lower

His re-election slogan should be, 'As I go low, the state goes lower,' and he's got the numbers across-the-board to back it up.

To the loss of 5,300 Wisconsin private-sector jobs in May, you can add 54 more dairy farm closures.

And the 2018 exit rate is running 30% ahead of 2017 numbers, state records show:
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection exits are running about 30% higher than the same January through June farm exits in 2017. 
Trends that will worsen as Trump's tariff war reduces markets for Wisconsin farm and dairy products, and the larger CAFOs, their huge herd numbers already goosed along by Walker, will get less oversight and more benefit from their 'regulation' being moved out of the DNR.

That's how this right-wing, pro-Trump Republican career-politician-cum-Governor rolls, or rolls over, this once-progressive state.

Need more proof?

Wisconsin dominates at the wrong end of lists for states' out-migration, opioid emergencies, farm bankruptcies, road quality, business start-ups, summarized here.

We're even #1 for most-drunk cities.

And Walker presiding over the doubling of polluted waterways during his tenure is nothing to brag about.

Ditto for the spread of chronic deer wasting disease to nearly two-thirds of Wisconsin counties.

Walker '18? Why?


Anonymous said...

If Wisconsin reelects Scott Walker then he won't be wandering around the other 49 states inflicting upon us that which he has inflicted upon Wisconsin.

In all fairness, deposing him coupled with prosecuting him for his crimes would have the same effect.

Just don't let him roam around the rest of the USA on his Hardley Abelson drinking and spouting his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

When dairy farms are lost, entire rural communities are lost. People have to eat and if the farms are gone, or at least the cows, people have to move to work.