Monday, July 16, 2018

From Walker, about Trump and Putin, Walker says nothing

Trump is silent on Putin. And Walker is silent on that.

[Tuesday update: Walker still hiding behind spokespersons.] 

Despite unprecedented condemnation at Trump's abasement before Putin today (see below), and the indictment of an alleged Russian agent whom David Clarke and Scott Walker had met, the supremely intimidated Walker still has nothing to say about it:

“I’ll leave that up to federal folks," Walker said during a stop in Sussex, according to WITI-TV (Channel 6). "That’s not in my jurisdiction."
Or put it this way: Walker's no Newt Gingrich.

Of course, Walker is always tweeting the important, self-referential, campaigning stuff:

  4h Investments like Foxconn benefit all corners of the state – involving workers from nearly all of Wisconsin’s counties and moving our state forward.
 8 hours ago8 hours agoMoreHad a great chance to travel our beautiful state this weekend on our annual motorcycle ride.  
From earlier 7/16/18

Trump's groveling fealty at his master Putin's feet today, 
Vladimir Putin (2017-07-08) (cropped).jpg
and unpatriotic shrug at Russia's illegal interference in American democracy, has at least forced Trump apologists like Wisconsin's Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson to issue a few words of rebuke.

So give Trump and credit for helping firm up Mueller's credibility in the eyes of some leaders of the suicidally-weak, credibility-free Republican Party.

I haven't yet seen anything on these uniquely historic matters from Scott Walker, and don't expect to, since, you know, these federal issues fundamental to American democracy have nothing to do with him and his busy hand/shaking,  dessert-gorging schedule.

And, besides, he's surely busy today helping Foxconn find another potential job-bearing site to prove that Foxconn is a statewide benefit beyond the 11 football-field size, wetland-filling, pollution-belching, language-bending 'ecosystem' it says it is creating on Mount Pleasant farmland.

Because, you know, bad poll numbers have got to spun, especially if they describe what could be Walker's ruinous Scotthole.

And, yep: Walker's latest tweet is something Foxconn could have easily done its own, without the Governor. Because, you know, bad poll numbers have got to be spun.
 22 minutes ago22 minutes agoMore
Foxconn’s investment in Eau Claire is more proof that our reforms are having a positive impact on our state. We need to move Wisconsin forward and keep this momentum up!


Anonymous said...

Why are we letting this clown campaign across the state on our dime? If this doesn't tick off a conservative I do not know what will. Why isn't the press going after him? Why have charges not been filed? Are Eau Claire people ok with them taking their property when they are ready? What happened to America first as we kowtow to a foreign company? Why on earth is the clown driving a Harley when he had no guts as Trump attacked the manufacturing icon? Why has the media not called him out on this? Actually, why has Harley not called the turd out? If it was my company I would ask him not to ride a Harley. Why are the Harley workers too stupid to understand that when their jobs are gone they will be making much less? Why should we not be surprised that he is too big a coward to criticize Trump's comment on Russia?

We are most certainly living the movie Idiocracy.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Hey Scotty, you don't get to pull the "it's not my jurisdiction" act when YOU'RE THE GUY PICTURED WITH THE NOW-ARRESTED RUSSIAN SPY.

Anonymous said...

Walker is not smart enough to be in cahoots with pooty-poot Putin, but together, the Wisconsion Mafia (Ryan, Walker, Priebus) is smart enough to conspire, but too stooopid to understand the extent of the criminality.

The reason GOP was so desperate to cut off the John Doe probe is appearing to be that there may have been Russian money laundering. We always knew that Koch was not the sole source of Walker's dark money. Now it should be clear why the criminal cabal around Scott Walker needed to make it harder-to-impossible to identify where their money came from.

Walker cannot say anything, as he is in this up to he beady and mis-aligned eyeballs. Priebus and Ryan saw the train wreck coming. They bailed. Scott Walker either could not or, because of his massive ego, would not step out of the limelight by not running for a 3rd term.