Friday, December 2, 2016

Health-care probe at Clarke's jail with recent deaths

This just-announced county auditor's probe into health services at the Milwaukee County jail overseen by Sheriff David Clarke where four recent deaths have occurred may not satisfy those calling for an independent investigation - - but it's a start:
Theodore Lipscomb Sr., chairman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, requested the audit in early November, days after a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article detailed Armor's staffing and performance issues amid the rash of deaths at the Milwaukee County Jail. Comptroller Scott Manske agreed one day later to start the audit, Heer said.
No doubt that probe will be carried out professionally, but given the severity of the situation already dragged out, the 'everything's instantly-politicized' environment at the Courthouse, and the history there of infighting over and including the Sheriff himself, a request for an investigation by the US Justice Department would have been expeditious.
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Sue said...

Am I imagining it or is the J-S actually starting to do its job? What's with the sudden interest in what's been going on in WI for the last several years?