Thursday, December 22, 2016

Moves by, against WI DNR are environmental/political 5-alarm fire

On the same day that Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker - - architect of the "chamber of commerce mentality" Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - - thought aloud favorably and sent a strong signal about breaking up the agency, I disclosed that decision-makers within the agency for at least the second time had deleted and sanitized much content and language on a key DNR climate change page.

This is after multiple cuts to or attacks on DNR staffing, science, budgets, parks operations, pollution prevention and overall mission since the beginning of the Walker administration and its practice tthrough one-party Republican rule across all three branches of the government and with the Attorney General, Brad Schimel, to do without restraint whatever it wanted to public policy and environmental programs.

It has been disclosed also to me that senior DNR staff were to approach Schimel for guidance on decoupling the DNR from some federal environmental protection obligations, as he already for the DNR so it could evade for big ag and dairy operators some groundwater regulation.

When it comes to statewide conservation, clean air, healthy drinking water, vibrant parks and trails and sustaining an outdoors and recreation lifestyle and economy, we're getting closer to changing Wisconsin's motto from "Forward" to "There is your dagger" through intentional neglect and purchase by corporate money.

Slowing, stopping and reversing this theft of a commonly-owned legacy will be a defining, existential challenge to Wisconsin conservationists, grassroots organizations and citizens regardless of party who want to pass on to their children and grandchildren what had long been cherished, nurtured and handed down here as birthright.

A huge task which must be shouldered by groups, activists, and everyday state residents beaten down by six years of big money, single-party autocracy and the specter of years of a worse and companion rightist Kleptocracy in Washington, DC from which Walker is already seeking more freedom to diminish ours.

Our only choice is to stand our ground, and as US Sen. Elizabeth Warren said immediately after Trump's win, recommit and get more involved:

We start with two things that we can do. One is we can volunteer, and the other is we can stay connected to each other. Volunteer with Planned Parenthood, or with any other organization that really matters to you. Volunteering is a way to say, ‘We’re making these groups stronger. This is one way our voice will be heard.’ 
And the second part is we’ve got to stay connected to each other. We have to talk about issues and fights that are coming up because we have to be ready to mobilize on certain issues when the time comes.

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Anonymous said...

According to what I read at at MJS, this is not a problem and does not even merit a blog post. What DOES merit attention are more trumped-up attacks on teachers!

Teachers who sexually abuse students still find classroom jobs

Where are our priorities when we put DNR employes ahead of children as teachers assault them! Looks like Gov. Scott Walker will have to do something "Big and Bold"(tm) to edumacation again.