Saturday, December 24, 2016

North Carolina is the new Wisconsin. Is America, soon?

GOP Gov. Scott Walker, his legislative majorities, a reflexive party ideologue as Attorney General and their special-interest-ruled State Supreme Court have moved Wisconsin into backwater status through a destruction of public union collective bargaining, environmental deregulation, right-wing 'right to work' laws, gun carry ubiquity, extreme Republican gerrymandering, harsh voter ID and balloting restrictions, major funding reductions to public k-12 and University education systems, draconian cuts to Planned Parenthood, drug-testing and poverty-enforcing minimum wages - - all because a one-party ruled state's rulers can and do pretty much whatever they want.

Welcome to our world, North Carolina, and be warned, America, post 1/20/17:
'Sliding away from democracy' in North Carolina
Flag of North Carolina

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