Monday, December 19, 2016

39 more good jobs leaving Waukesha, WI

[Updated[ Waukesha County reliably supplies GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his pro-business party with their biggest block of votes.

But the unattractive state economy Walker has led for six years - - highlighted by now-sickly-ironic  "Open for Business" billboards at the borders, plus...

 misleading tweets, staged pep talksbroken political promises, apparently useless trade missions and incoherent and ineffective policies managed by scandal-ridden departments - - isn't creating jobs and does nothing when companies pull out from Brillion to Madison (Oscar Mayer) to South Milwaukee (Caterpillar) to Manitowoc Crane.

And Team Walker can't even save good jobs in the heart of his base.

The facility for Walter USA, a division of a Germany-based tools company, is at N22 W23855 RidgeView Parkway West in Waukesha...
Hourly union employees are represented by District Lodge No. 10, Inernational Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO.
Note that the company being closed is owned by a German firm, which makes the PR shoved out by Walker's office last year (cited in a link above) when he made a no-politics (wink-wink) trip to Germany even richer:

Governor Walker Arrives in Germany for European Trade Mission 

Governor leading state delegation in weeklong trip to boost exports, encourage investing in Wisconsin



Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone document the number state jobs lost in the past 6 years? All you have to do is look in the WI Blue Book. Fewer jobs in any sector is less money in the economy.

Anonymous said...

silly rabbit

Scott Walker never meant to create any family-wage middle class UNION jobs. He was directed by his handlers to destroy those jobs. Many well-intentioned people delight in pointing out any number of things that appear, on the surface, to be hypocritical or seem to some to undermine the narrative that GOP wants to tell.

Virtually everything in Wisconsin's left bloggosphere described as a failure of the Koch agenda is actually a SUCCESS for out-of-state multinational interests!

Until we change the narrative, "its working" for billionaires that are not citizens of Wisconsin, we will never get anywhere. And how can the repugs take over all of the state and now our nation's centers of power when their "successes" mean leaving Wisconsin workers behind?

Powerful propaganda and anyone that has studied these things (or has an inside perspective of the industry and is willing to anonymously share) knows that there is no such thing as mass disinformation without a compliant and compromised media.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20 AM

We know why no one in the media does it. They have catapulted Koch's GOP/Walker and created the situation where Wisconsin's economy is now being blackmailed by out-of-state multinational corporate interests. These thugs say, "give us money outright and then cut our taxes or we take-down your middle class".

For anyone else to make that assessment is not only a lot of work, but access to accurate comprehensive data may be impossible for most citizens. Where are the Dems on this?

Well that opens up another can of worms, but I won't go there in this post. Let's face it. Working families in Wisconsin have few advocates and what little we have is demonstrably too little too late. How bad is it going to get?

Consider this: The owners of Journal Communications allowed those media assets to become economically unsustainable as WTMJ-AM built its business model around attacking Milwaukee Journal Sentinel with rabid right-wing and racist programing around the clock. They decided, and this was not by chance nor incompetence, that their largest media assets were worth more as propaganda tools for Koch mouthpieces than as adverting-supported news.

When major corporate media is content to pit their different communications media to shamelessly promote Scott Walker, there is much more wrong with the system than an increasingly irrelevant mainstream media. I, for one, am so sick of the sentiment being expressed at a Daily Kos diary about Charlie Sykes suddently leaving squawk radio. Those people have no idea how Sykes willingly catapulted a dooofus that cannot speak in complete sentences into successively higher positions of power.

Believe it or not, the consensus at that diary is that Sykes is somehow a hero that will be missed!

Which takes me back to the jobs count -- the only people who have the resources and access to put together a comprehensive list that totals job losses that could be share as coming from a "credible source" refuse to do so.

Betsey said...

Weren't the Germans won over by stories of Walker's political achievements, wowed by his business acumen, and wooed by his charismatic personality? Don't the Germans love a ham sandwich?

Anonymous said...


Hitler would be very proud of what Wisconsin's Fuhrer has achieved. All that's missing now is the goose-stepping. Don't worry, Dur tRumpFurher will supply that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why doesn't anyone document the number state jobs lost in the past 6 years? All you have to do is look in the WI Blue Book. Fewer jobs in any sector is less money in the economy.

DECEMBER 18, 2016 AT 11:20 AM
I say---You are anyone, anonymous.
Post what you know on many FB pages.
Write Letters to the Editor of several newspapers.