Thursday, December 15, 2016

AG Schimel ignores WI consumers cheated by drug companies

[Updated] Under right-wing GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel, Wisconsin has had no problem joining other states when they wanted to sue the Obama administration over overtime pay, drug testing for food stamp recipients, bathroom access, health care, religious liberty, clean water law or clean air rules.

He also joined a multi-state effort to overturn a San Francisco local ordinance requiring gun owners there to use trigger locks or otherwise secure their firearms.

Schimel even set up a special unit under a fancy-schmancy "Solicitor General" to sue the feds - - a group sure to have less to do now that corporate servant Donald Trump and his cabinet of corporate moguls will be running the government as private-sector tools.

But would Schimel, with Walker looking over his shoulder, use some of what is now clearly surplus staff time and get involved in litigation on behalf of consumers cheated by drug company price-fixing?

Apparently not - - and I say apparently because another story says other states may join later - - but for now, I do not see Wisconsin listed among these red and blue states - - Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington - - which today filed this action against the manufacturers of an antibiotic and an anti-diabetes medication:

20 states charge price fixing in lawsuit against makers of generic drugs


Anonymous said...

Comrades Ryan, Walker, Johnson, Schimel, and tRump know that as we merge with Russia none of this will matter. We are on the verge of handing off power in the United States to George W Bush's "Pooty Poot" -- a bromance that is resulting in the joyful formation of the United States of Russia!

Our communist brothers, Ryan, Walker, Johnson, Shimel, and the Wisconsin GOP cabal are looking FORWARD, not backwards (Didn't Obama say that too when he took office?!?!?!) and there is no need to create hard-feelings when a new socialist utopia is at hand.


Anonymous said...

Geee... Where is the state's dysfunctional news hounds? Oh yeah, they work for them not us.