Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Did Trump U offer course in subtlety?

They need a K Street refresher.
Trump sons will not attend high-dollar fundraiser that raised questions about access-peddling

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Anonymous said...

And largely flying under the radar is:

Scott Walker directly appeals to Trump to let him drug test people who need food stamps

Walker is publicly leaning on his ally before Trump even takes office.

And what is featured at Scott Walker's biggest in-state booster (no, it is not actually WTMJ-AM)?

Scott Walker Pans Drug Testing Students (I will not link to that site). In fairness, I believe MJS had a very general story today about Scott Walker asking for some relief from federal oversight, but I don't see it there now.

If you saw it earlier or can find it now, please compare the headlines (which frame the way the story is told) and then read their vague report. I acknowledge that Think Progress leans left, but what they reported can be demonstrated objectively.

MJS, as usually, not so much so. Subtlety? To be effective propaganda has to be cast across the land by mass media. Sometimes it is very direct and divergent from the truth and other times it is subtle. To hold Scott Walker up as being against Kleefisch's drug testing plan while covering up Walker's drug testing plan.

Sorry folks, this is as dishonest as the media gets and it is a frequent occurance in Wisconsin.