Thursday, December 29, 2016

WI's censorship of climate change is clumsier than you thought

Let's not miss one amazing irony in the expanding story which began on this blog last week and is carried on multiple news outlets about GOP Gov. Scott Walker's "chamber of commerce mentality" Department of Natural Resources scrubbing climate change information, data and electronic links from a web page about climate change.

Leading up to my posting, I reminded readers that Wisconsin had earlier gone through a farcical climate change episode when Wisconsin's right-wing state treasurer had forbade state employees managing a public lands commission on which he sat from discussing climate change.

The absurdity of this attack on science and climate change information in particular in Wisconsin is made even more tragically-comedic because when the extremely-far rightwing Wisconsin State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk banned staffers on a state forest management commission from discussing climate change - - and let that craziness sink in for a moment - - his justification was that it should be the DNR that was doing the discussing.
The DNR has 2,000 employees. If there’s one agency that’s going to work on global warming and climate change, it shouldn’t be us, it should be the DNR,” he said.
So clearly in Wisconsin these days, the right hand does not know what the farther right hand is doing - - or at least doesn't check DNR websites too often.
A point proven by the DNR's failure "to work on global warming climate change." except by deleting the information it had posted for the public on its website.

So I say again:

So clearly in Wisconsin these days, the right hand does not know what the farther right hand is doing...


Anonymous said...

If you ignore a problem Walker feels it is not a problem. You've never once heard him express a concern about our roads. You've never once heard him express a concern about the cattle manure in Kewanee County wells. You've never once heard him express a concern about the lowering of streams, rivers and lakes in the central sands region due to high capacity well pumping. There are no problems if you simply refuse to acknowledge the plight of those victimized by Walker's ignorance and incompetence. It comes down to "there isn't a problem, unless he says there's a problem!"

Anonymous said...

Walker doesn't ignore problems. They are opportunities to "drop the bomb" on the citizens he has a sworn duty to serve. I am not saying anon 2:16 is entirely wrong.

I am saying that a quick review of objective facts shows that Walker's method of operations is to gin up a crisis and then use it to "divide and conquer" (his own words!). I was always bothered when people would say Dur Chimpfuhrer was "ignorant" or "incompetent".

They just happened to enact a radical extremist agenda that included wars of conquests while destroying the bill of rights. Call it whatever else you want, but they are amazingly competent compared to their "opposition".

But I am willing to acknowledge that the Democratic Party at all levels is at a disadvantage, because the media has consistently propped up Scott Walker and Donald tRump despite any headline or story that can be cherry-picked to show the media gave minimal and dismissive coverage to any "inconvenient fact". That said, it isn't hard to see what is going on and yet the Democratic Party is incapable of speaking directly the travesty that is now reported by a handful of multinational media conglomerates as "objective journalism".

But just google the 2 terms: hitler Bertelsmann and you will clearly see what the problem is.