Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Facing potholes, deficits and intransigent Gov., WisDOT Secretary quits

Having overseen a dramatic decline in the condition of Wisconsin's roads, an endless funding crisis traceable to overspending on the road-building lobby's bloated program and looking forward to further unpopular options under GOP Gov. and phony fiscal conservative Scott Walker, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottleib has announced his sudden resignation.

Effective January 6, 2017, it doesn't look like Gottleib even gave the standard two weeks notice. Maybe he made it under the wire. Either way, Gottleib, having served as WisDOT chief since day one of the Walker era, is outta there.

The new WisDOT Secretary and Walker/Assembly Speaker Robin Vos fall guy for either road tolls, higher vehicle fee and gas taxes, project delays or - - if Walker's highway funding 'plan' prevails - - cuts to or a wholesale transfer of funding from local plowing and street repairs accounts, school aids, home nursing care services, bus, biking and pedestrian programs and other popular and necessary basic public services - - will be Dave Ross, former Mayor of Superior.

You have to ask what Ross did to deserve this.


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Anonymous said...

When will voters wake up and realize that Walker and friends don't give a hoot about Wisconsin....its roads ...its environment.... its schools nor.... its economy they govern not for us but only for those corporate special interests that fund them. Walker and co. view governing as what they are doing with the DNR.......governing should increase the profits of the donors that fund the Republican party and if Wisconsin and its people have to take it in the shorts.....that's the cost of doing business in Wisconsin.