Saturday, December 10, 2016

Getting off Putin's coattails - - which Cheesehead goes first?

Who'll be the first of Wisconsin senior Trump boosters - - Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Reince Preibus - - to slide away from the Putin-enabled-White House squatter-to-be and steam clean the comsymp stain off their resumes?

I'm guessing Walker will the first to say, 'Trump who?', as he's the most accomplished chameleon in the group. 

'Ethanol, me?' 

'Right-to-work bill, now?'

'Presidential run,' nah.?'

Flip-flppping is his second, er, first nature.

In fact, I can almost hear Walker saying, "You know, I was always a Ted Cruz kind of guy. Hey, I'm the one who zinged Trump in the debate with that 'we don't need an apprentice in the White House' line of mine. Sure wish I'd said "apparatchik.'

So my bailing out bet is on Walker, since Ryan still needs Trump to sign The Ryan Medicare Wipeout Budget and Priebus has thrown in with Steve Bannon for a top swamp-filling position.


Anonymous said...

They are all going to be too afraid to bail on Trump. Watch them close ranks.

Anonymous said...

"Flip-flppping is his second, er, first nature..."

It's his ONLY nature

Anonymous said...

Scottie is hoping Pooty-Poot will make HIM the next POTUS. Paul Ryan, on the other hand, is hedging his bet. By getting on the tRump train, he positioned himself as above the fray.

If the Russia story is being leaked to undermine and even prevent tRump from being certified as POTUS, we know it can't be for Clinton or any Dems benefit. The U.S. Constitution and current law gives us no right to throw out a sham election no matter how bold and brash the criminality was. While some may state this is a "glitch" in the nation's founding document, more likely it is a feature.

The only interests that benefit from anything that de-legitimizes the election, and it was not legitimate, but that reaches across BOTH sides of the aisle are the multinational oil interests that Paul Ryan works for -- KOCH!

The only reason Romney put Ryan on the ticket is because Koch bros (Source:

But Ryan is such a stiff turd on the campaign trail (and in real life) that Romney actually had to give him a time-out and make him sit out the final moments of the campaign -- he was just too stooopid, unlikable and incompetent. (NOTE TO MAINSTEAM MEDIA: Where were all the "fake news" reports when you were catapulting the propaganda that Ryan was a "numbers guy" and "policy wonk"?)

Could it be that tRump got played and has been set up? Was he anointed the "winner" only to be disqualified? Believe it or not, this would make Paul Ryan POTUS and this would be absolutely the only way he could be fraudulently hoisted into that position.

Nothing else about this election, from rigged Dem primaries to the ongoing controversies is normal and all is barely believable. Please think twice before deciding the scenario outlined here cannot happen, as worse things have and this is happening with greater frequency.

Sue said...

Walker was one of the first on the Trump bandwagon but he's been consistently ignored. It's almost as if Trump doesn't think Walker is worth the effort, one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker was hopin' that his koch-whoring would put him first in-line to be VP or an important cabinet position. When it became obvious that tRump did not need a cross-eyed, brain-impaired, incoherent figurehead in his administration, Walker told his propaganda spinmeisters (the state's largest noooozepaper, you know who!) that he wasn't interests -- SOUR GRAPES!

The fact that it is goin' other election is over and it has been a year-and-one-half since scottie famously blew throw $90,000+ a day compiling more than 1 million in debt. He still owes about $300,000!

Evidently Putin and the Koch's have no more need for him and have declined to invest in their idiot-puppet so that Walker wouldn't look so fiscally irresponsible. But hell, all one needs to do is look at his record in Milwaukee County and now Wisconsin. He is a one-trick-pony.

1. Gin up a financial crisis with irresponsible give-aways

2. Proclaim we are "broke"

3. Impose austerity on the masses

4. Repeat